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Journalist References

Peter Knoll,
Chief Editor at PC Magazin

PC Magazin “I value Schwartz Public Relations for a number of reasons: for its reliability, hard work, outstanding helpfulness and – particularly important for me – its recognition of human values, something that’s not always a given in this day and age. A company’s purpose cannot be simply to generate as much cash as possible in as short a time as possible! Schwartz Public Relations has never made this impression on me.”

Svenja Hofert,
book author and freelancer for Internet World

Internet World “I value the collaboration with Schwartz Public Relations because the agency has a very professional work ethic. I find working with them far more satisfying than with the other run-of-the-mill marketing agencies who can only communicate in advertising vernacular. As a trained journalist with experience in corporate communication, it irks me to deal with people who have absolutely zero product know-how. It’s great when someone does their job well: organizing talks, delivering information that the author can understand, providing enough “meaty content”... that’s exactly what Schwartz PR delivers.”

Barbara Mayerl,
Editor at Format (Austria)

Logo von Format “A professional agency with quick response times – critical for journalists and unfortunately not always a foregone conclusion. Schwartz also attempts to find the right responses to difficult or taxing questions. The agency’s staff have outstanding expertise, so much so that one sometimes forgets one is dealing with the agency, not the company itself!”

Wolfgang Kasenbacher,
Editor at Bayerischer Rundfunk

Bayerischer Rundfunk “We are very happy that Pinnacle Systems works with Schwartz Public Relations, an agency which we knew from the past and with which we already had extensive experience. Schwartz Public Relations understands the special requirements of the electronic media; we also always find someone who is willing to listen there and respond when these special requirements need to be taken into consideration.”

Robert Schoblick,
Chief Editor Telekom Praxis

Telekom Praxis “I know of only two agencies with turnaround times of less than one hour. Schwartz Public Relations is one of them.”

Susanne Freitag,
freelancer for Touristik aktuell

“As a freelance journalist, good collaboration with the press agencies is a make-or-break criterion. With Schwartz Public Relations, things run perfectly. Requested information is delivered quickly and reliably and they have a 100% competent team! I’m looking forward to working with them for many more years on the same satisfying basis as before!”


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