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Journalist References

Andreas Donner, chief editor IP-Insider, about the visit of StarLeaf

 “I really enjoyed the appointment: much information and great hands-on - what else wants the journalist heart”

Silke Maul, editor of Getränkeindustrie, regarding an article of Cofely Refrigeration, 2014

Getränkeindustrie “Schwartz PR’s article is very interesting and pleasant to read. Thanks again for the collaboration; I am looking forward to a repetition.”

Joel Kaczmarek, chief editor Gründerszene, in one of his articles about Airbnb

 “Particularly Airbnb puts the pedal on the PR-metal and announces one growth project after the other.”

Stephan Augsten,
Security Insider

 “I rarely read such a good bylined article written by an agency before. I will use this article as a reference for requests of other agencies and companies.”

Michael Furmanek,
Editor at tvdigital

 “In its content well balanced press material and very fast response times – as journalists like it. And Schwartz PR is providing that.”

Oliver Stauch,
Automotive editor at connect

Logo der Connect “I feel very well looked after by Schwartz PR. Contact is professional but friendly, the communication channels between agency, manufacturer and editorial staff are agreeably brief, and when it matters they can also be improvised spontaneously – even under extreme time pressure I can rely fully upon the colleagues to quickly provide me with the required information, devices and photos. Schwartz PR is therefore one of the most pleasant agencies that I have worked with so far.”


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