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Schwartz PR awarded for „Best Continental/Middle East/Africa Consultancy to Work For“

Once a year, Holmes Report honors agencies from around the world with the Sabre Award in different categories. This year’s result makes us very proud: the jury awarded Schwartz Public Relations as "Best Continental / Middle East / Africa Consultancy to Work For" in the EMEA region.

Team and Management

The teams of Schwartz Public Relations are comprised of well-trained business economists, journalists, humanities scholars and communication experts. In addition to their academic background they have substantial experience in various PR disciplines ranging from social media relations, app communication, start-up support and digital marketing to media training, coaching and marketing cooperation.

Each of our teams is led by a skilled team manager with at least eight – in some cases even more than thirteen – years of PR experience. The team leader are responsible for the tactical and strategic guidance of the accounts in their teams. Together with Christoph Schwartz, our team leaders – Julia Maria Kaiser, Sven Kersten-Reichherzer and Jörg Stelzer – make up the agency’s management board.

Christoph Schwartz
Managing Director
+49 89 211871-33

Sven Kersten-Reichherzer
+49 89 211871-36

Jörg Stelzer
+49 89 211871-34
js 'at' schwartzpr 'punkt' de

Julia Maria Kaiser
+49 89 211871-42
jk 'at' schwartzpr 'punkt' de

Marita Bäumer
+49 40 76974450
mb 'at' schwartzpr 'punkt' de

Angela Frühschütz
Office Managerin
+49 89 211871-32
af 'at' schwartzpr 'punkt' de

Thomas Pfannkuch
+49 89 211871-41
tp 'at' schwartzpr 'punkt' de

Ulrike Schinagl
+49 89 211871-55
us 'at' schwartzpr 'punkt' de

Carmen Ritter
+49 89 211871-56
cr 'at' schwartzpr 'punkt' de

Mayko Cyprich
+49 89 211871-51

Judith Zähringer-Krebietke
+49 89 211871-38
jz 'at' schwartzpr 'punkt' de

Alexander Seiche
+49 89 211871-37

Hannah von Moller
+49 89 211871-47

Tobias Frühauf
+49 89 211871-31
tf 'at' schwartzpr 'punkt' de

Julia Rott
+49 89 211 871 46

Christian Wild
+49 89 211871-47
cw 'at' schwartzpr 'punkt' de

Sebastian Weinstock
+49 89 211871-72

Sabrina Schöttler
+49 89 211871-45


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