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20 years of Schwartz PR

Let's take a trip back to the year 1994. It was the year Mandela became president and also the end of apartheid, the opening of the Eurotunnel and the birth year of our client Amazon, Justin Bieber and the German celebrity magazine ‘Gala’ – and it was also the year our agency was founded.

It was a founding in a modest home office (though not a garage ...), and with only one client PictureTel. Although the daily ISDN video conferences with the German managing directors seemed almost futuristic back then, it took some time until the first CompuServe e-mail address and a mobile phone (the number is still valid today) became a part of the regular business equipment. Press releases were put into envelopes, stamped and then sent out by post, and business correspondence came not by e-mail but at most by fax. Stock prices were announced in the newspaper the next morning.

How times have changed. The one-man agency has turned into a 20-member team, one client turned into 40, hundreds of e-mails are competing every day to be viewed and answered, and stock prices are displayed on the Smartphone.

The last 20 years have seen more developments on a technological and occupational psychology level than the preceding 100 years – and we’ve been part of it. We marvelled at new phenomena, detected new trends, questioned, updated and adjusted our working routines. Our constantly high motivation originates from the privilege to experience the changes in the communication branch and in the product world of our clients very closely. We just don’t get enough – and therefore are looking forward to the next 20 years.

I would like to thank everyone who has accompanied us on our journey as a friend or interested party, in an advisory or even critical capacity – it has helped us to become better at what we do. Twenty years of successful work are also a motivation and obligation to carry this experience into the future. We want to continue shaping the trends and pursue our goal of maintaining our quality, engagement and enthusiasm even as the environment continues to change. Nobody knows now how we will communicate in the next 20 years – but we do know that our appetite for communication will not cease.

Christoph Schwartz
Yours, Christoph Schwartz


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