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We regard PR as being about long term and professional communication rather than one-off project assignments. A reliable and sustainable communication helps to build confidence between the media and businesses – the foundation of public relations. We therefore place great emphasis on enduring collaborations with our clients in order to fulfil their goals.

We aspire to understand your subject matter, to implement your communication objectives that are challenging and engaging, and to continuously act with intuition and tenacity for your success – that’s why we are appreciated by our customers. For us, an important indicator of the sustainability of our work is the longevity of our relationships with customers. These relationships last significantly longer than is usual in the industry. We have worked for some customers since as early as 1997, and most notably, we win customers via recommendations from existing ones.

We see ourselves not just as service providers, but also as equal partners – both for our customers and for the media. It is always important to balance the different interests and bring them into agreement with each other. Our customer relationships are characterised by mutual openness, appreciation of values and trust. We will tell you truthfully which measures will make the most sense and be the most successful, and which won’t - after all we know what we are doing.

Our close ties with journalists allow us to deliver the relevant message quickly and reliably. Our journalistic credentials mean we can act as a filter, ensuring that the media receive relevant information that is free from marketing jargon or corporate bias. This helps them to do their job and boosts our clients’ media reputation.


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