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As a member of the global PR network Eurocom Worldwide, Schwartz Public Relations is positioned to take on communications assignments in co-operation with its international partner agencies. Schwartz Public Relations represents Eurocom Worldwide in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Eurocom Worldwide

Client References

Slavica Simunovic
PR Manager, EnOcean GmbH

 “Schwartz PR has managed from the beginning to transform the complex technical topics of EnOcean in very easy to understand articles and place them in appropriate media with success - an important basis for our successful PR work. Our team at Schwartz is quick, well networked and looks out of the box.”

Frank Eisenhuth
Sales Manager Germany, Lloyd Coils

 “Ever since working with Schwartz Public Relations, our visibility has improved tremendously. The agency’s very good media contacts with the specialised press, their technical expertise and their dedication have, already within a few months, provided for outstanding results and a noticeable awareness by our customers. We are looked after competently and can always rely on our friendly team.”

Goetz Hannemann
Marketing Manager Europe, SAE Institute (2010)

 “The team at Schwartz Public Relations not only supports us with its excellent media and journalist contacts but also with editorial services such as creating texts for brochures, advertorials, our website and other means. Hereby we can always fully rely on a quick, professional and first-class support. The ideas are very creative and the writing style is unerring and absolutely aimed at the specific target groups. The team works absolutely independent and does proactive research for topics, angles and opportunities: You can really feel how much they make a client´s case their own.”

Oksana Morina
Localization Manager, Skype (2010)

Skype “We´ve been working with Schwartz PR as partner for our web site since the beginning of 2007. We have found them to be punctual and reliable. Schwartz PR has been helping Skype to speak good German. In other words, they have reviewed the whole German Skype web site by checking and adopting of all thetranslations of our translation agency on a daily basis. The content ranges from marketing to technical. The Schwartz team have helped to coin German terminology and to fix linguistic bugs in user interfaces and account.”

Kevin Cochrane
Chief Marketing Officer, Day Software (2010)

When Day engaged Schwartz, we had no visibility or brand awareness in Germany. The Schwartz team worked tirelessly week after week to reach out to the press, generate news, and secure coverage.

I think the results speak for themselves. Nine months after engaging Schwartz, our business in Germany went skyrocketing. Our sustainable PR program is getting us credibility in a manner we've not had before. Kudos.

Isabel Baum
Marketing Director, Consol Software GmbH (2010)

 “Since early 2008, we have been successfully working with Schwartz PR. Since then, the team has repeatedly impressed us with professionalism, creativity, commitment, and a very good sense for new topics and trends. Schwartz PR always manages to find new niches for topics and to convince the trade media. Within only a few months, Schwartz PR has managed to make our new business unit virtualization well known in our target markets and to position us as independent experts. In terms of online communications as well as social media, Schwartz PR is also an extremely versed advisor and is always delivering competent consultancy.”


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